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Who Are Our Coyotes?

We are an inclusive company and welcome all to join us on The Coyote Trip. Our teams in our offices are all passionate about travel, America and creating awesome experiences for young people. As for our guides- they love showing off the very best of the places they grew up in.

The Coyote Trip Team

The Coyote Trip is a part of The Dragon Trip and the directors are Ramsay Kerr and Alex Seigel. Ramsay founded the The Dragon Trip in 2010 and has been working on creating awesome experiences for young people, ever since. Alex has been with the company since the early days and now the 2 of them are proud to run a company that has taken over 10,000 young people on unforgettable experiences. Ramsay lived in Boston for several years as part of The Dragon Trip’s U.S office. It was over beers and lobster rolls in Boston that Alex and Ramsay first discussed the idea of developing trips in America. Its natural beauty, fascinating culture and welcoming people make America an obvious fit for a backpacker brand and they felt the same mix of unmissable attractions and cultural discoveries would make a trip here every bit as popular as the trips in Asia have been.

Having both travelled extensively throughout America and alongside the U.S team in Boston- they started to put together tours that would be suitable for young people, on a budget. However, at the start of 2020, the biggest crisis to hit the travel industry hit with the onset of Covid-19. The Dragon Trip was forced to downsize and all new developments where put on hold as attentions turned to how to ensure the company would survive. Fortunately, the company is now in a position where it will survive and the outlook for 2021 and 2022 seems a whole lot rosier. It is therefore the right time to take The Coyote Trip off ice and get set for launch. The Coyote Trip has experienced directors at its helm, passionate guides on the ground and a strong operations team- all united by a desire to put together amazing trips!

COVID may have hit travel hard and put exploration on pause but discovering new cultures and immersing oneself in natural wonder will never get old. In that vein, The Coyote Trip is born as part of a desire to unlock the magic of the world and enable horizons to be broadened, perspectives to be altered and for great times to roll again.


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