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Epic Journeys

America is a big country and there's some long journeys. Fortunately- some of these can be an amazing experience in themselves. These guides tell the tales of some of these incredible routes and have they have come to play a prominent role in the American imagination.

“It’s the journey, not the destination, that matters” is one of travel’s constant cliches. However, there’s certainly some truth to it and it’s easy to see why when you are gazing out of the window, at the ocean, on a Pacific Coast train or riding Route 66. These guides outline the stories behind these journeys and give you tips on what to watch out for whilst travelling in America.

Coast to Coast America Group Tour


Big Cities

15 Days
New York to Los Angeles
Experience the history and culture of the East Coast and the natural splendour way out West.

The Full Coyote


Big Cities

21 Days
New York to San Francisco
The ultimate USA trip- experience city life, natural wonder and epic journeys.

West Coast America Group Tours


Big Cities

14 Days
Las Vegas to San Francisco
Enjoy gorgeous national parks, Californian cities and epic journeys - all bathed in sunshine!
western canada combo tour

Western Canada Combo Tour


Big Cities

12 Days
Vancouver to Banff
The ultimate journey across the west of Canada, from city centres to mountaintops.
west coast america tour

Grand Canyons Tour To California


Big Cities

8 Days
Las Vegas to Los Angeles
From the glitz of Vegas, the desolate beauty of the Grand Canyon to the star-studded city of L.A.

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