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Boston is the spiritual home of The Coyote Trip – it’s where our office is based and our team here are rightfully proud of the city. It has a vibrant history and unique culture formed by Native Americans and successive waves of immigration. This ‘coyote base’ is fully loaded with fun things to do and see: You can watch humpback whales breach the frothy waters off Cape Cod, cheer as Red Sox legends hit home runs out of Fenway Park and devour oysters in historic pubs along the Freedom Trail. You can visit Boston on our East Coast Adventure, Coast to Coast tour or the Full Coyote.

Native American inhabitants of the area can be traced back to 2,400B.C. and the name Massachusetts is a native American word for “at the great hill”, referring to an ancient volcano not far from Boston.

In 1614, the British explorer Jon Smith sailed to the area, naming it New England, and five years later, The Mayflower, a ship carrying the first group of Puritans was making it’s way across the Atlantic. On board were dissenters from the Church of England looking for new lands where they could worship as they wanted without fear of persecution.

They arrived in November and Boston winters, as our team here can attest to, are formidable. Arctic winds blow ice storms down from the North East, yet help from the Native American people allowed the settlers to survive their first winter. A year later, as the colony become more established, they celebrated the first fall harvest alongside indigenous people and the concept of Thanksgiving was first conceived. Sadly, the European settlers brought with them small pox and within a few years almost half of the Native Americans in the region had died.

Over the following decades, Boston grew and prospered, but the tensions between the colonists and the British governors grew. The colonists were taxed and these funds flowed back to Britain, but the colonists had no representation in the British parliament, thus the cry “no taxation without representation” could be heard in many a Boston tavern.

Tensions reached a tipping point in 1773 when the British imposed an additional tax on imported tea, which led to colonists dumping 45 tons of tea into the harbour. This defiant act, known as The Boston Tea Party, rallied the 13 colonies to fight for independence from the British. The War of Independence ensued and by 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Boston continued to grow and the Irish potato famine of the 1840s led to Irish people travelling to Boston in huge numbers, later followed by groups of Italians, Eastern Europeans and Chinese. All were in search of the American dream and contributed to the rich culture the city offers today.

Other historic events which occurred in Boston include the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, where a giant tank of sweet, sticky molasses exploded killing 21 people, and 2004 is a special year for any true Bostonian, as that’s when the Red Sox finally won the World series after an epic 86 years wait!

– Sports comprise a huge part of American culture and life, and nowhere is more passionate about their sports than Boston. Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to catch a game is to head to Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox baseball team. There are very regular games from April to October, and tickets start at $25, which you can normally buy at the at the box office with out pre-booking.

– A favourite of The Coyote Team is to hop on one of the many whale watching boats which depart from just next to the aquarium. We have never been disappointed on one of these cruises and watching these graceful giants breach and dive is a very special experience.

–  A fun and free way to spend the afternoon is to walk The Freedom Trail, a series of 16 historic stops along a beautiful 2.5 mile route through the city.

– You are spoiled for choice when visiting museums in Boston, but another favourite of our team is the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. It houses a beautiful collection of arts and is located in Isabella’s former home. It is also the scene of the biggest heist in American history; In 1990 thieves managed to fool security and make off with 13 pieces valued at a cool $500million. The museum has kept the empty frames on show in the hope that the missing masterpieces may one day be returned.

– Another fun and affordable way to spend an evening is to check out the Improv Comedy Asylum in Boston’s North End. This talented bunch will be sure to have you in stitches with their unplanned, off the cuffs sketches and gags.

– To pronounce Boston like a local the ‘Bos’ should rhyme with ‘paws’.

– Some say you get good luck if you rub the left food of the statue of John Harvard, sitting in Harvard Yard at the centre of the world famous university.

– Boston locals are known for their no nonsense approach and given it’s location in Massachusetts, jokingly refer to themselves as mass-holes!

– Boston is famous for it’s oyster happy hours as many venues in the city offer $1 oysters from 5-7pm. Our favourite spot for oysters is a bar called State Street Provisions – while you’re there be sure to try their clam chowder too.

– There is a free bus from the airport to downtown boston. It’s called Silver Line and it stops at South Station, which is the main bus and train station in the city center.

– In addition to oysters and clam chowder, no visit to Boston is complete without trying a lobster roll – Luke’s on Exeter Street is guaranteed to serve up a roll which leaves you craving more.

– Accommodation in Boston can be expensive, but there is a great youth hostel in a downtown location which matches any of the cities more expensive hotels. It’s called HI Boston.


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